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    Research Methodology
    PAPER CODE: M.B.A-023 PAPER ID: 7112
    Short Answer Marks (2*10=20)
    (Answer are expected to be in 50-70 words)
    Attempt all questions
    1. Define concept of research in business.
    2. Give the definition of Research Methodology.
    3. Explain the concept of Research Design.
    4. Explain what is hypothesis mean.
    5. Give a difference between probability sampling and non-probability sampling.
    6. Explain the concept of experimental and control group in a research.
    7. Explain use of SPSS in data Analysis.
    8. Write down types of question that can be used in a Questionnaire.
    9. Write down various kinds of Charts and diagrams used in data analysis.
    10. Give the difference between census survey and sample survey.
    Medium Answer Questions Marks (10*3=30)
    (Answer are expected to be in 100-200 words)
    Attempt any three questions
    1. Write an essay on evaluation of marketingWhat is a research problem? What consideration should a researcher keep in mind while formulating a research question?
    2. Explain difference between qualitative and quantitative research.
    3. What is the importance of research in a management decision making? Illustrate your answer with examples.
    4. Explain difference between secondary and primary data.
    5. Explain the concept of Bibliography and Annexure in the report with their significances in a report.
    Long Answer Questions Marks (10*5=50)
    (Answer are expected to be in 300-500 words)
    Attempt all Questions Each Question has internal Choice.
    1. What is Business Research? Explain the process of research.
    Describe the different types of research for solving business problems.
    2. Explain the all steps in Sampling process with their significance.
    What are the types of data available for research? Explain the sources of secondary data.
    3. Importance of graphical and diagrammatic representation in research and their different types.
    Explain the concept of Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), with the basic principle of ANOVA and give difference between one way or two way ANOVA.
    4. Explain the significance of a research report and narrate the various steps involved in writing such a report.
    Give the types of reports that are use full to present the research done for business, with the precaution for writing research reports.
    5. Date can be collected either by interview methods or by observation method. What is the difference between the two? Which method will produce more quality data and why?
    Describe different sampling methods available to a researcher along with its advantages and disadvantages.
    Research Retail Management
    Rural Management - MBA 4th Sem.
    Sales Management - MBA 4th Sem.



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