Start Date:

Friday, December 22, 2023

Event Start/End Time:

11:00 AM - 03:00 PM

End Date:

Friday, December 22, 2023


S.D. College of Management Studies MBA-MCA Block



DeMFIESTA - Design Thinking and Management

DeMFIESTA program on the topic "Design Thinking and Management" was organized for the students of MBA department under IQAC in SD College of Management Studies.


Today, on 22 December 2023, DeMFIESTA program was organized on the subject of Design Thinking and Management for the students of MBA department under IQAC at SD College of Management Studies. In which the various activities were performed by MBA students. In which they participated with great enthusiasm. First of all, the program was inaugurated by College Principal Dr. Alok Kumar Gupta and spokesperson Ritu Mittal by lighting the lamp infront of the idol of Maa Saraswati.


Principal Dr. Alok Kumar Gupta expressed his views and said that the program process is proposed from December 2023 to January 2024. The objective of which is to make the students aware of various activities of management. Further leading the students, he told that to be successful in Business or Corporate career, one should have good interpersonal, leadership and communication skills.


In the program, coordinator and spokesperson Mrs. Ritu Mittal said in her words that in today's program the students mainly demonstrated their talent through Powerpoint Presentation and role play related to the tasks of Human Resource Management. She further said that such activities for the students will provide them with the ability to better face the challenges that will come in the future when they are on the job or handle their own businesses. Students can find innovative solutions to any complex problem by thinking through creativity. However, thinking outside the box can be a real challenge because we naturally develop patterns of thinking that are based on repetitive activities and commonly received knowledge that we surround ourselves with.


Dr. Vibhuti Aggarwal, Mrs. Parul Kumar and Mrs. Purvi Sangal from MBA and BBA department respectively were asked to judge the performances of the students. The students enthralled everyone by showcasing their ideas and skills through the projector presentation and role play. In which mainly Ananta Garg, Srishti Tyagi, Arjun Singh and Aarti gave their presentation on the qualities of a Human Resource Manager. After this, in role play, students Aarti, Ananta, Srishti, Adeeba, Shikha Goel, Chhaya, Arjun Singh, Deepanshu, Vishal Dhiman and Tushar Tiwari demonstrated how to maintain good market value and customer satisfaction through creative thinking by taking an example of ACC Cement company and how the company prioritizes requirements of customers timely and look out for innovative solutions to better maintain its position in the market. Whole program was anchored by student Priyanshu.


Among the students selected by the judges, first place was secured by Ananta Garg, second place was given to Aarti, third place was given to Arjun Singh and consolation prize was given to Srishti Tyagi. The participants participating in the program were honored with certificates as appreciation of their excellent performance.


In the program mainly all the teachers and staff members from MBA and MCA Prashant Tomar, Parul Kumar, Devesh Gupta, Ashish Kumar, Ankur Aggarwal, Mahima Mangal, Annu Tyagi, Aastha Singhal, Tushar Bhardwaj, Sandeep Garg, Rashmi Kaushik and Ravi Bhargava etc were present.