Start Date:

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Event Start/End Time:

11:00 AM - 09:00 PM

End Date:

Saturday, January 13, 2024


S.D. College of Management Studies



Agaaz – 2024

Grand organization of annual festival “Agaaz – 2024” with colorful cultural programs under the aegis of SD Group of Colleges. On 13/01/2024, the annual festival of "Agaaz - 2024" was organized under the aegis of SD Group of Colleges. The inauguration ceremony of the program was done by the chief guest Mrs. Meenakshi Swaroop ji (Chairman, Municipality, Muzaffarnagar), special invited member Prof. Dr. Narendra Sharma (Vice Chancellor, Motherhood University, Roorkee) and college secretary Mr. Neeraj Kumar, Mrs. Preeti Kumar ji and management committee members Mr. Hari Bhushan Gupta, Mr. Devendra Kumar, Mr. Vinod Kumar, Mr. SK Gupta, Mr. Akash Kumar, Mr. Neelkamal Puri, Mr. Mukul Bhushan ji, Mr. Ashish Bansal ji, Mr. Shishir Sangal ji, Mr. Dhuvar Kumar ji etc. by lighting lamps and offering garlands in front of Maa Saraswati.


Management Committee members and guests encouraged the teachers and students by giving them certificates and mementos. In the closing ceremony, Dr. Sanjeev Balyan ji (Minister of State for Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Dairy) as the chief guest and guest of honor Dr. Vibhu Sahani (Chairman, Finance Committee, PCI) presented mementos to all the students. Colorful cultural programs were organized by the students in their honour. Special lucky draws were conducted during the programme. In which the first prize was an LED, the second prize was an OTG oven and the third prize was a music system. Apart from this, other different types of prizes were also given through lucky draws. .


College Principal Dr. Alok Kumar Gupta, Principal Dr. Sandeep Mittal, Principal Dr. Sachin Goyal, Directors Dr. Arvind Kumar and Dr. Siddharth Sharma, Principal Dr. Renu Garg appointed several committees for the successful conduct of the program, in which different teachers were given different responsibilities so that the program can be conducted smoothly..


The program started with the presentation of Ganesh Vandana by the first students and then various programs were presented by the students of MBA/MCA, BBA/BCA, BTC, BFA, BA, B.Com, B.Sc., B.J.M.C. and B.Pharma. In which B.Sc (HS) students did Due Dance, Punjabi Meshup Group dance. A performance namely Vighan Haran Mangal Karan was very nicely presented by MBA students. It included a heartwarming performance on Ram Aayenge by students Kartik, Dipanshu, Vishal, Brahmi, Tanya, Tushar, Arjun, Isha, Saloni, Chhaya, Shikha, Tanu, Aanchal, Shrishti. A Fusion Dance was very nicely presented by MCA students namely Kalash, Simran, Tanaya Tyagi, Chinki, Aditi and Meenakshi D.El.Ed students' folk songs depicting the Indian civilization were presented on the cultural songs of different states like Punjabi Aakakshaan, Swati, Marathi - Priyam and Aarti, Rajasthani - Vidhi and Kajal, Kashmir - Manju and Priyanka, Haryanvi - Varsha and Swati Rani, Gujarati - - Tanu Goliyan and Shivani Pal presented dance. .


Exceptional Academic Award of the Year: Many teachers from each department were honored with a certificate and academic award from the management for their excellent work in the field of education. In the programme, long serving skilled teachers of SD Group of Colleges were honored with shawls and certificates and non-teachers were honored with certificates and trophies. In this sequence, they encouraged the fourth grade employees by giving them blankets. Best Student Award were given to MBA department students Priyanshu Pal and student Chhaya from first year 2023 and Shivansh Tyagi and student Priyanka Royal from second year 2022 and Ajay Kumar and student Meenakshi Dhariyal from MCA first year and Sumit and Aditi student from second year and D.El.Ed 2021-23 Anurag and student Muskaan Verma, 2022 - 24 student Anuj Kumar and student Priyanka Saini, 2023-25 student Anshul Kumar and student Kajal. Similarly, Student Achievers Award in which Aditi Rajvanshi, student of MBA 2020-22, for getting second position in AKTU University, Rishabh Singal of MCA 2017-20 for making library software, MBA 2023-25 student Maud Nauman Roy for Air Shooter at National Naval, Mayank Tyagi for Rifle Shooter at State level and student Aarti for getting Gold Medal in Fighting and Silver Medal in Kata at National level and D.El.Ed. Maud Saqib, Shubham Kaushik, Nagma Praveen were honored for academic performance in 2019-21..


At the end of the program, College Secretary Mr. Neeraj Kumar expressed his words and said that all the participating students presented amazing programs and showcased Indian culture. Also appreciated the efforts of the students to make the function a success. During this, he thanked all the chief guests, teachers and students present there. The program was successfully conducted by Dr. Vibhuti Aggarwal, Mrs. Ritu Mittal and Mr. Navneet Kumar. Their beautiful conducting further enhanced the beauty of the programme. The program was successfully organized with the presence and significant contribution of all the teachers, staff and students of SD Group of Colleges..